120t asphalt mixing plant

120t Stationary Asphalt Mixing Plant Karachi Delivery

shipment for 120t asphalt plant
120t asphalt batching plant Karachi
120t asphalt mixing plant
120t asphalt mixing plant for sale Karachi

Good news! Our 120 stationary asphalt mixing plant was ready to Karachi, Pakistan. As you can see form the picture, we are arrange the shipment of each component. We adopt container to finish delivery, which is very safe and smooth. We hope they can arrive construction site in Karachi as soon as possible.
120t asphalt plant shipment
120t stationary asphalt mixing plant Karachi
component of 120t asphalt plant

Characteristics of stationary asphalt batching plant

1. It is suitale for large and long-term project, which is widely used for high grade road.
2. We have two types for your reference, one is drum type continuous asphalt plant, another is asphalt batch type plant, can meet your requirement better.

120t stationary asphalt plant Karachi
120t stationary asphalt plant Karachi
Type  LB1500
 Rated production  120t/h
 Cold Aggregate Bin  4×9m3
 Dry Cylinder  1.8m×7m
 Bag-type Dust-collector  CNM476
 Emission Standard  50mg/nm3
 Vibrating Screen  4 layers
 Hot Aggregate Bin  26t
 Mixing Kettle Capacity  1500kg
 Mixing Cycle  45s
 Mineral Powder Tank Volume)  26+36t
 Asphalt Tank Volume  50000L
 Heat Conduction Oil Stove  300,000 kcol/h
 End-product Container Volume  90t

Other types for your reference

1. We also have asphalt mixing plant mobile for your short-term project, our main types are QLBY-10, QLBY-15, QLBY-20, QLBY-30, you can learn more at this page: https://aimixgroup.com/qlby-series-mobile-asphalt-mixing-plant/.
2. If you want to produce high quality asphalt, you can choose a hot mix asphalt plant, raw materials will be dried and heated, so that can produce quality asphalt.

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