People from Pakistan

AIMIX Donated Supplies To Pakistani People Affected By Floods

Today I would like to share with you the unfortunate news that Pakistan experienced a flood disaster in September. Many families suffered misfortune, and as you can see in the video and pictures, many residents’ houses were also damaged. The children in the picture are all barefoot, which looks very sad.

After learning the news, our leaders acted immediately and contacted the AIMIX salesmen in Pakistan. The items prepared overnight for the people in the disaster area included flour, beans, cooking oil, sugar, soap, milk, tea, rice, salt, and Other seasonings, a pack of about 1kg to 10kg.

The delivery of supplies for Pakistani

supplies from AIMIX GROUP

supplies for Pakistani

The first picture is of the local people in Pakistan who are busy carrying supplies. Below are our local salesmen in Pakistan with donation patterns in their hands, AIMIX’s office in Pakistan, and the local people who received relief supplies. It can be seen that everyone is very tired.

People from Pakistan
AIMIX donated the supplies for Pakistani

Similarly, Zhengzhou, China, where the headquarters of AIMIX is located, also suffered floods caused by heavy rain on July 20 last year. I am still impressed. When I came home from getting off work, The floodwaters on the road were waist down and I witnessed an ambulance stranded on the road. I am still very scared when I think about it now because I have experienced it, so I know more about the sadness of people when they encounter flood disasters.

Pakistani people

flood relief for Pakistani

So AIMIX prepared so many materials for the disaster-stricken people, hoping to do the meager power of brother countries. It is hoped that the disaster-stricken people in Pakistan will return to a life of laughter and laughter as soon as possible. AIMIX is always with you!