JN500 planetary mixer

Planetary Concrete Mixer For Sale

Planetary concrete mixer for sale is a kind of multiple function mixer and is widely used to many fields, as shown in the following table. Moreover, it has strong stirring ability, can produce high-quality concrete, so it also can be used for concrete batching plant as the mixing engine. The most important is that planetary concrete mixer price is affordable, and price is negotiable.

But there are too many planetary concrete mixer manufacturers all around the world, how to make the most appropriate choice? Read on and learn about more details about this special mixer, you will have a clear answer.

planetary cement mixer
Concrete Other construction material Refractory material Other fields
Ready-mixed concrete Dry mortar Shaped refractory material Glass
Precast concrete Wet mortar Fertilizer
Foam concrete Gypsum Waste treatment
Color concrete Aggregate mixing Unshaped refractory material
Light concrete Emulsified asphalt Mine backfill
Gunite concrete Cement adhesive

Special planetary concrete mixer design

As shown in the figure above, it has small volume and simple structure. And it belongs to vertical concrete mixer. The mixer planetary concrete mixer consists of gearing system, mixing device, discharging device, hydraulic power unit, maintaining door, security device of maintaining door and observing port, etc. And the gearing system adopts specially designed hardened reducer, achieves the rotation and revolution at the same time, so it has high efficiency and even mixing quality. The mixing blades are diamond-shaped mode, which can be recycled according to the actual condition.

discharging door
discharging door

mixing shaft
mixing shaft

junction box
junction box

inner of cylinder
inner of cylinder

There are three ways to discharge materials. The usual ways are pneumatic discharging and hydraulic discharging, it all depends. What’s more, specially designed hydraulic power unit can meet several discharging doors’ demand. The other discharging method is by manual manipulation, opens the discharging door with hands when it comes to an emergency circumstance. The maintaining door adopts safety switches with high reliability and high sensitivity, it is safer and more convenient to check and maintain. The observing door is installed in the maintaining door, it can observe the mixing condition timely when the vertical planetary concrete mixer functions normally. Compared to twin-shaft concrete mixer, its motion track is more complicated and more intensive, there is nearly no mixing dead angle, mixing quality is pretty high.

Some types of concrete planetary mixer

The number means their discharging volume, the greater the number is, the bigger the capacity is. And the measurement of diameter of mixing, the total weight and the mixing power are as true of the volume. While, the discharging power is not the same reason, the first four is the same as each other, the discharging power consumption is 2.2 kw. The discharging power consumption of JN1000 and JN1500 is 3 kw. And the last three is 4 kw.

JN330 in workshop

Model: JN330
Discharging Volume (L): 330
Charging Volume (L): 500
Diameter of Mixing Drum (mm): 800
Total Weight (Kg): 1700
Mixing Power (KW): 15
Discharging Power (KW): 2.2

JN500 planetary mixer

Model: JN500
Discharging Volume (L): 500
Charging Volume (L): 750
Diameter of Mixing Drum (mm): 1200
Total Weight (Kg): 2000
Mixing Power (KW): 18.5
Discharging Power (KW): 2.2

JN750 planetary cement mixer

Model: JN750
Discharging Volume (L): 750
Charging Volume (L): 1125
Diameter of Mixing Drum (mm): 1800
Total Weight (Kg): 3500
Mixing Power (KW): 30
Discharging Power (KW): 2.2

Working principle of planetary concrete mixer for sale

When the planet carrier rotates, it drives three stirring shafts to revolve round the feed cylinder, at the same time, the stirring shafts rotate at a high speed, so the materials are highly sheared and kneaded and achieve fully dispersed and blended. In addition, the scraping knife in the equipment rotates around the axis of autoclave body, scrapes the materials that stuck on the wall and mixes them up, by this way, there is no residual materials on the cylinder wall, which greatly improves the mixing effect. This kind of mixer device also can function smoothly under vacuum, and continually discharge moisture and other volatile. Therefore, it can be used as a degassing tank. The rise and fall of rack, cover and stirrer are under the control of double column hydraulic. The operation is stable, fast and convenient. And this equipment can also achieve a unit of time automatic control. The mixing time can be adjusted according to the materials properties, the users can adjust and master them by the control panel.

JN1000 planetary concrete mixer machine

Model: JN1000
Discharging Volume (L): 1000
Charging Volume (L): 1500
Diameter of Mixing Drum (mm): 2400
Total Weight (Kg): 6000
Mixing Power (KW): 37
Discharging Power (KW): 3

JN1500 planetary concrete mixer

Model: JN1500
Discharging Volume (L): 1500
Charging Volume (L): 2250
Diameter of Mixing Drum (mm): 3600
Total Weight (Kg): 7000
Mixing Power (KW): 55
Discharging Power (KW): 3

Advantages of planetary cement mixer

1. Higher mixing performance

The rotation direction of the planetary concrete mixer is contrary to the revolution direction of whole mixing equipment, and in the process of stirring, the materials do cyclic motion and convective motion, the stirring intensity is bigger than ever, the motion track is more complicated, and which is beneficial to avoid the agglomeration, and make all the materials fully contact with each other, and achieve evenly stirring.

2. Higher stirring efficiency

New design of the gearing system makes the higher transmission efficiency.

3. Lower energy consumption

Newly designed stirring device, such as stirring blades, the shape of the tube plate blade, installing angle and improvement of arm bridge structure, which make allocation of gearing system more reasonable and achieve the faster and cleaner discharging, effectively avoid materials sticking and deposit. As shown in the picture below.

4. Multiple revolving speed disposition

There are various revolving speed dispositions for different materials and different working conditions. The application range of planetary concrete mixers is more widely.

5. Improved cylinder cover design

Enlarge the opening of the cylinder, can take out the speed reducer directly from the cylinder opening and don’t have to disassemble any feeding device, maintenance space in the cylinder is also substantially increased accordingly. Extra large maintaining door makes it more convenient to enter into the cylinder to maintain and exchange the vulnerable parts. Further improves the seal structure of cylinder cover and enhances the dust proof effect.

6. The new discharging door

New integration design structure, equipped with imported spiral torsional cylinder, more secure, more reliable, more attractive and less space occupation.

7. More complete and safer operation

There is an emergency stop switch on the junction box, which ensures that it will come to an outage if the machine is in trouble. When the users do a maintenance, pull out the key, the mixer will not function by accident.

8. Unique speed reducer gearing system

New speed reducer, more stable and more compact, the volume is smaller than old mixer’s, provides more maintenance space; improved shaft seal device prolongs the life of the reducer.
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