JDC350 single shaft concrete mixer

Single Shaft Concrete Mixer

Single shaft concrete mixer is a professional machine used to mix sand, pebble and water and other aggregates, which has wide application in small and medium-sized construction engineering. It is a kind of multiple functional horizontal single shaft mixers, now there are two types in the market: JDC350 and JDC500.

Single shaft mixer comprises of chassis, supporting device, transmission mechanism, prime motor, water supply system, feeding system, mixing system, discharging system and electrical control system.

JDC350 single shaft concrete mixer
JDC350 single shaft concrete mixer
Model JDC350
Charging Capacity (L) 560
Discharging Capacity (L) 350
Productivity (m3/h) 18
Aggregate Size (mm) 80/60
Rev of Drum (r/min) 28
Complete Machine Power (KW) 19.55
Mixing Time (s) 30
Overall Dimension (LXWXH) (mm) 2580X2340X2850
Dragged Speed (m/h) 20
Overall Weight (kg) 3300

control panel
control panel
water pump
water pump

JDC500 single shaft concrete mixer
JDC500 single shaft concrete mixer
Model JDC500
Charging Capacity (L) 800
Discharging Capacity (L) 500
Productivity (m3/h) 25
Aggregate Size (mm) 80/60
Rev of Drum (r/min) 24
Complete Machine Power (KW) 24.75
Mixing Time (s) 30
Overall Dimension (LXWXH) (mm) 2600X2789X3200
Dragged Speed (m/h) 18
Overall Weight (kg) 4000

liner plate
liner plate
electrical control
electrical control
mixing shaft
mixing shaft

Applications of single shaft concrete mixer

Single shaft concrete mixer for sale can not only mix fluidity concrete, plastic concrete and no-slump concrete, but also mix all kinds of mortar and light weight aggregate concrete. If equipped with diesel dumper would make more perfect performance. And it is widely used to construction, road, water conservancy, bridge and all kinds of prefabricated concrete file.

Definition of single-shaft compulsory mixer

1. According to operating method, JDC belongs to cycle operation type, feeding, mixing and discharging these three processes are conducted according to a certain time interval. And it has good mixing quality;

2. According to mixing way, JDC series single-shaft concrete mixers are compulsory type. During the operation, the mixing drum is stable, and it is more suitable for mixing dry and harsh concrete;

3. According to the installation, JDC series are mobile horizontal single cement mixer, for they can be equipped with wheels and achieve easy transportation. But, standard JDC series have no tires, if you need tires, you can pay some money for them, I am sure the single shaft mixers with tires will save your construction period greatly;

4. According to the discharging method, JDC series depend on tilting the mixing drum and discharge the concrete mixtures.

Working principle of single shaft mixers

1. Feeding

Put the proportioned mixtures into the hopper by the wheel loader. If you don’t have a wheel loader, you can feeding materials manually.

feeding system
feeding system

2. Mixing

The aggregates are stirred under the effect of the mixing blades and the mixing drum is stable. The mixing mechanism is mixing shaft set in the mixing drum horizontally or vertically. During the operation, the revolving shafts drive the blades and shear, squeeze, reverse, push and mix the aggregates forcibly, which make the mixtures be even in the drastic relative motion.

mixing system
mixing system

3. Discharging

Discharge door is installed at the bottom of the single shaft electric concrete mixing machine, above the discharge door equipped with limit switch to control the position of the discharge door’s opening and closing, and ensure the sealing of the discharge door by adjusting the location of the sealing strip. There are three ways to discharge the mixture for your choice: hydraulic system, pneumatic system and manual discharging. These three ways have their own pros and cons. In general, according to the discharging speed, the pneumatic discharging is the fastest one, and the speed of the manual operation is the lowest. So, if your construction is urgent, you can choose the pneumatic discharging method, which will save much time and have high productivity. When the gear rotates in forward direction, inject the oil and open the discharge door, when the gear reverses, close the discharge door. Discharge door’s open and close are under the control of the button. If the construction period is not very strict, you can choose pneumatic discharging method. As for manual discharging, open the discharge door by pulling the hand lever, this way is usually used for the condition that hydraulic system and pneumatic system fail to work. At ordinary times, should take the lever down and in case that will hurt people.

discharging system
discharging system

Features and advantages of single shaft cement mixer

Our JDC series single shaft cement mixer comes from all technicians and relevant experts joint effort and it has more obvious improvement in technological level than ever, it not only has attractive appearance but the higher productivity. Previously, after mixing, there will be residual left, and now we adopt the motor switch type to avoid this phenomenon, the discharging speed is much faster than before. The mixing shaft on the previous basis also has the very big breakthrough, we adopt advanced technology and prolong the life of the mixing shaft.

1. Attractive appearance,unique design and compact structure;

2. High productivity and low energy consumption;

3. Good mixing quality and stable performance;

4. Easy operation and maintenance;

5. Save construction cost.


Model JDC350 JDC500 JDC1000
Charging Capacity (L) 560 800 1600
Discharging Capacity (L) 350 500 1000
Productivity (m3/h) 18 25 50
Aggregate Size (mm) 80/60 80/60 80/60
Rev of Drum (r/min) 28 24 24
Complete Machine Power (KW) 19.55 24.75 44
Mixing Time (s) 30 30 30
Overall Dimension (LXWXH) (mm) 2580X2340X2850 2600X2789X3200 3370X2789X3650
Dragged Speed (m/h) 20 18 18
Overall Weight (kg) 3300 4000 6100

The maintenance and technical security of single-shaft concrete mixers

1. After the one day’s operation, it is necessary to inject some water into the mixing drum and in case that the residual concrete mixture will freeze in the mixing drum;

2. During the operation of the single shaft mixer concrete, should check the reducer, worm-gear case, electrical motor, shaft seal technology and such working conditions regularly. If there is in abnormal situation, should shut down and check the machine carefully;

3. It is a necessity to check the reducer and the oil level of turbine reducer once every 50 hours, when the oil is insufficient and should add the oil timely;

4. At the shaft seal, should inject lubricating oil once every three hours, and eject dirty oil once a week;

5. Check the gap between scraper blade and scale board regularly, when the gap is too big, can adjust it by the connecting bolt, the range is from 1 to 4 mm;

6. Have a regular check on the wear pattern of the steel rope and change it if necessary;

7. Ensure the connection of the electrical control system is stable and the insulation is reliable;

8. It is not allowed to stand under the hopper, if need to maintain the machine, should shut down the machine.

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