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Small Concrete Mixer For Sale

Small concrete mixer for sale has small volume and small output, it is very suitable for personal project, such as, house building. However, there are various types of small concrete mixers for sale. How to choose the most suitable one for your construction project? Let’s learn more about them one by one according to the type and you will have an answer.

Definition and application of small concrete mixer for sale

Small concrete mixer machine is used to mix cement, sand, pebble and water evenly according to the certain proportion. And it is the special equipment to produce concrete, and is mainly applied to road, bridge and house building and other constructions.

Components of small concrete mixture machine

Small concrete mixer consists of mixing drum, feeding mechanism, discharging mechanism, water supply system, prime motor, transmission mechanism, rack and supporting device.

17 sets of small concrete mixers were sent to Uzbekistan

JZC500 small concrete mixer
JZC500 small concrete mixer

small concrete mixers uz
small concrete mixers uz

hopper of small concrete mixer
hopper of small concrete mixer

Best small cement mixer–JS series

JS500 twin shaft paddle mixer
JS500 twin shaft paddle mixer

JS1500 twin shaft mixer
JS1500 twin shaft mixer


ItemCharging Capacity (L)Discharging Capacity(L)Productivity( m/h)Aggregate Size(cobble/gravel) (mm)Overall Dimension
(LXWXH) (mm)
JS50080050025 Min80/604486x3030x5280
JS750120075035 Min80/605100x2250x6700
JS10001600100050 Min80/608765x3436x9540
JS15002400150075 Min80/609645X3436X9700
JS200032002000100 Min80/603500X2320X1677
JS300048003000150 Min80/603990X2600X1700
JS400064004000200 Min120/1004450X3050X2380
JSS50080050020-25 Min80/602960x2600x4400
JSS750120075030-35 Min80/603120x3500x5620
JSS10001600100040-50 Min80/604640x2250x2250
JSS15002400150070-90 Min80/605058x2250x2440

1. According to the work mode, JS series small cement mixer belong to cycle operation type, that is to say, feeding, mixing and discharging, these three working processes are conducted in a certain time interval, so the mixing quality is good;

2. According to the mixing mode, JS series twin shaft mixer belong to compulsory small cement mixer for sale, they are more suitable for mixing dry and harsh concrete, the mixing drum is stable, this kind of mixing mode has high productivity;

3. According to the installation, JS series are stationary concrete mixers, they have big volume, and they are usually used for concrete mixing station.

Working principle of JS series small batch concrete mixer

The electric motor drives the secondary gear reducer, two shafts of the reducer through two pairs exposed gears drive two horizontal mixing shafts to rotate at the reverse constant speed. There are two horizontal mixing shafts in the mixing drum, every shaft has mixing blades. And there are side-entry blades in the mixing arms on the two sides of the mixing drum, which can scrape the concrete at the end face. What’s more, between mixing shaft and mixing drum is sealing device. And the end face of the mixing drum has special oil feeder and ensures the sealing quality.

JZ series small volumetric concrete mixer

Classification of JZ series mixer

JZ series small drum concrete mixer includes JZC series, JZM series and JZR series. JZC series means they belong to gravity concrete mixer and are driven by gear, while JZM series are driven by the friction between wearable rubber riding wheel and raceway of the mixing drum. JZR series are driven by diesel. And you can choose the most proper one for your project according to the practical construction conditions.

JZC500 small drum mixer
JZC500 small drum mixer

JZC350 small cement mixer
JZC350 small cement mixer

ItemCharging Capacity (L)Discharging Capacity (L)Productivity (m3/h)Aggregate Size (cobble/gravel) (mm)Overall Dimension (LxWxH) (mm)Overall Weight (kg)

A summary about JZ series mixer machine

1. According to the work mode, JZ series belong to continuous operating, feeding, mixing and discharging are conducted continuously in the long mixing drum. This type machine has high productivity;

2. According to the mixing mode, JZ series belong to gravity small concrete mixer for sale, they are used to mix plastic concrete, semi-plastic concrete and during the working process, the mixing drum keeps on rotating;

3. According to the installation, JZ series are small mobile concrete mixers, the difference is that JZC series have tires, while JZM series have no tires, if necessary, you need to pay some money to have tires. In addition, JZ series have small volume, light weight and good motor performance, which are more suitable for small and medium-sized temporary projects;

JZM350 small concrete mixer
JZM350 small concrete mixer

JZM750 small concrete mixer for sale
JZM750 small concrete mixer for sale

ItemCharging Capacity (L)Discharging Capacity (L)Productivity (m3/h)Aggregate Size (cobble/gravel) (mm)Overall Dimension (LxWxH) (mm)Overall Weight (kg)

4. According to the discharging method, JZ series discharge materials by reversing the mixing drum;

5. According to the driving force, small concrete mixer for sale can be divided into electric concrete mixer and diesel concrete mixer, and JZR series belong to diesel concrete mixers, the whole working process is driven by diesel, this kind of mixer is well suited to those places where are remote and lack of electricity.

The following picture belongs to JZR series. They are driven by diesel engine.

JZR350 small diesel mixer
JZR350 small diesel mixer

JZR500 small diesel concrete mixer
JZR500 small diesel concrete mixer

ItemCharging Capacity (L)Discharging Capacity (L)Productivity (m3/h)Aggregate Size (cobble/gravel) (mm)Overall Dimension (LxWxH) (mm)Overall Weight (kg)

Working principle of JZ series concrete mixer

JZ series small concrete mixer for sale is gravity concrete mixers. Their operating mechanism is mixing drum, several mixing blades are installed around the cylinder wall. During the operation, the mixing drum rotates around itself, using the blades to segment, lift, scatter and shock the materials and reallocate the position of the materials and reach even mixing.

JDC series single shaft concrete mixer

1. According to the work mode, JDC series belong to cycle operation mode, their working method is the same as the JS series, the difference is that JS series have two shafts, while JDC series only have one shaft;

2. According to the mixing mode, JDC series also belong to compulsory concrete mixer small, have high productivity;

3. According to the installation, JDC series are mobile concrete mixers and they have no tires, if there is a necessity or to meet the construction needs, you can pay certain money to equip them with tires;

4. According to the discharging method, JDC series depend on tilting the mixing drum and discharging the concrete. There are two kinds of JDC350 mixers: JDC350 and JDC350B. All of parameters is the same, the only difference is the feeding method. Show you two pictures about them.

JDC500 small single shaft mixer
JDC500 small single shaft mixer

JDC350 small single shaft concrete mixer
JDC350 small single shaft concrete mixer

Charging Capacity (L)5608001600
Discharging Capacity (L)3505001000
Productivity (m3/h)182550
Aggregate Size (mm)80/6080/6080/60
Rev of Drum (r/min)282424
Complete Machine Power (KW)19.5524.7544
Mixing Time (s)303030
Overall Dimension (LXWXH) (mm)2580X2340X28502600X2789X32003370X2789X3650
Dragged Speed (m/h)201818
Overall Weight (kg)330040006100

From these two pictures, you will find their feeding hoppers are different, that is why I say they have little difference. The first one, when the feeding hopper is up to a certain height, the hopper will inverse and discharge the materials; while the second one, when the hopper is up to the designated height, the materials will be discharged from the discharging mouth at the bottom of the feeding hopper. You can choose any one you like, for feeding method will not affect the productivity of the machine.

Working principle of JDC series cement mixer

Under the combination of the mixing shaft and mixing arms, squeeze, shear, shock the materials and make the materials do complex motions, such as, circumference and axial free fall and mix the concrete evenly in a short time.

Features and advantages of JDC single shaft small mixer

The small concrete mixer machine has many superiorities.
1. Small volume, light weight and easy transportation;

2. High productivity and low energy consumption;

3. Compact structure and stable performance;

4. Good mixing quality and less residual;

5. Safe and long service life.

Maintenance of small concrete mixer for sale

1. Keep the machine clean, clean out the dirt and barrier regularly;

2. Check the lubrication oil and circuit and control equipment, add oil according to the specification;

3. Before the operation, add water and leave the machine idling for 1-2minutes, meanwhile, check the reliability of the clutch and braking device;

4. During the operation, inspect the noise of the electric motor, reducer and transmission gear;

5. After the operation, clean the mixer carefully.

How to get best small concrete mixer machine price in Pakistan

small concrete mixer factory in Pakistan
small concrete mixer factory in Pakistan

1. Make comparison to choose from several small mixer machine manufacturers, and get a reliable one company, such as, AIMIX GROUP.

2. Select one manufacturer, get all quotation you need, make a comparison by yourself.

3. Ask supplier why price is so, try to get some discounts.

After-sales engineers
After-sales engineers

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