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Wheel Loader

Wheel loader is suitable for stacking, gathering, lifting, loading, and unloading various materials. Customers have very high praise for this machine, saying that it has a very low failure rate, works very well in stone yards, comes with a hydraulic system, and has a solid frame. If you’re interested in this wheel loader for sale, read on!

wheel loader in Pakistan

So what exactly is a wheel loader?

Wheel loader machine is mainly used to shovel, load, unload, and transport bulk materials such as soil and stone, and can also perform light shoveling operations on rocks and hard soil. It is the most important part of many construction projects, AIMIX can offer customers two types of loaders, one tire type, and one crawler type. It has the advantages of fast operation, good mobility, light operation, etc. It is important equipment in the construction of earth and stone. So what are the main application areas of the loader?

Application areas of the front wheel loader

Replace different working devices, and can complete the bulldozing, lifting, loading, and unloading of other materials. Road construction is mainly used in the amount of road foundation works of filling and excavation, asphalt and cement concrete yard of aggregate, loading, and other operations.

So let’s learn more about the wheel loaders that AIMIX can provide for our customers! The followings are for a concrete batching plant.

wheel loader for AJ-50 concrete plant
wheel loader for AJ-50 concrete plant
wheel loader for concrete batching plant
wheel loader for AJ-50 batching plant

How many types of wheel loader machines AIMIX can supply?

As mentioned above, AIMIX can provide customers with two types of loaders, one is a tire type and the other is a track type. So what are the advantages of each of them?

Tire-type front-end wheel loader: lightweight, fast, flexible, high efficiency, not easy to damage the road, large grounding ratio pressure, poor passability, but widely used.
This tire-type wheel loader is the most popular type AIMIX can provide clients with this type.

AM916 wheel loader Pakistan

Specifications of tire-type wheel loaders

Model AM939 AM936 AM932 AM930 AM928 AM926 AM920 AM916 AM912 AM910
Rated load volume (kg) 3000 2500 2000 2500 2500 1800 2000 1600 1200 1000
Rated bucket capacity (m3) 1.2 1.1 1.5 2 1.0 0.9 0.8 0.7 0.6 0.5
Weight of whole machine 6700 5200 6200 4750 4800 3300 4300 3100 2700 2300
Type of engine 4108 Supercharged/6105 Supercharged 4102 Supercharged Yuchai YCD4J22G Supercharged 4100 Supercharged/4102 Supercharged 490/490 Supercharged 490 4102 Supercharged 490 2105 24/28 hp
Rated power (kw) 80/65-130 76 ≥76 65/76 38/55 39 76 38 24 17/21
Rated speed (r/min) 2400 2400 2400 2400 2400 2400 2400 2400 2200 2200
Unloading height (mm) 3600 3500 4300 3500 3500 3200 1800 3200 2800 2800
Unloading distance (mm) 1650 1650 1140 1650 1500 1350 850 1200 800 800
Size of shape(L*W*H) 6930*2270*3080 6025*2000*3000 6025*2000*3000 5825*1860*2850 5100*1860*2800 5100*1860*2800 5610*1800*1700 5200*1760*2750 5000*1600*2760 4870*1600*2520

Crawler wheel loader in Pakistan: small grounding specific pressure, good passability, low center of gravity, good stability, wall of adhesion, high traction, high specific cutting force, low speed, relatively poor flexibility, high cost, easy to damage the ground when walking.

Few customers have demand for this kind of tracked type, but if there is a customer who needs a tracked loader, we will carefully produce it for them, commission it, etc.

What about the loading and unloading method?

The loading and unloading method of the loader provided by AIMIX for our customers is the front discharge type. This loader has the advantages of simple structure, reliable work, and good view, which is suitable for various worksites and is very widely used.

So what do you need to pay attention to when buying a loader?

Buying instructions for mini wheel loader

1. Buy a wheel loader to see the manufacturer. It is very important to identify the technical strength of the manufacturer because it directly affects the quality of the product. When you choose a manufacturer, it is best to choose a manufacturer with a production history of more than 5 years, experience, strong research and development, and after-sales service in place. Customers can not just see the low price strategy of the company is moved, it is best to go to the field, which is too small, found in a short period of time can be directly eliminated.

2. Look at the price when buying a mini wheel loader for sale. For example, if the wheel loader price is too lower than the average price of the industry, then customers should be vigilant. Can not be greedy for cheap to buy poor quality products, in the end, a waste of money, but also delay their production.

wheel loader for sale in Pakistan
stone wheel loader

3. To see the effect of the use of the machine. For example, from the following aspects can obtain the knowledge of the loader.

  • 1) speed, that is, shift production.
  • 2) self-weight, the self-weight of the machinery reflects the adequacy of the materials used, partly reflecting the durability of the product.
  • 3) Power consumption.
  • 4) Service life. This point can consult the user who has purchased this wheel loader for sale in Karachi.
  • 5) After-sales service. After-sales service is a point that can very much reflect the comprehensive strength of a company. Customers need to know the maintenance capacity of the manufacturers, the ability to supply parts, the attitude of the staff, and the effectiveness of the work.

Know how to choose a manufacturer, then how to choose a wheel loader for sale in Pakistan?

Guide to buying a wheel loader for sale

1. According to the operating conditions determine the corresponding driving speed of the wheel loader. For example, for denser ore, solid soil, or less dense loose material such as soil, coke, etc. For denser materials, you need to choose products with lower working speeds and larger digging forces, and traction forces. For loose materials, you can choose products with higher driving problems to achieve higher working efficiency.

2. Select the loader with corresponding output according to the work volume
For projects with a large workload, longer working cycle, and more spacious working environment, you can choose a 5-ton or 6-ton big wheel loader. The advantage of this loader is high operating efficiency and reduced construction costs.
For relatively small workloads, a 3-4 ton small wheel loader for sale can be selected.

Special working devices of the small wheel loader

configurations are available

  • 1. Side discharge bucket: for the narrow site, especially the tunnel operating conditions of the work device, the bucket can be one-way sideways, in the tunnel operation can effectively reduce the driver’s labor intensity.
  • 2. Quick-change device: mainly for the working environment where there are many kinds of materials to be loaded and unloaded in the workplace, the driver can sit in the cab to quickly replace the work device, easy to use, high operational efficiency, replaceable work devices are: bucket, clamping fork, etc.
  • 3. High unloading: meet the increasing height of the fence of the truck, for coal and other materials with low specific gravity, can meet the high unloading, but also can meet the large loading capacity, greatly improving the efficiency.
  • 4. Grasping grass bucket: mainly applied to plant straw and another grasping, with a large opening, compacting tight, claw grass efficiency, and other characteristics.
  • 5. Clamp wood fork: mainly used in forestry and port for material handling and loading and unloading.
  • 6. Rock King: This bucket is mainly for loading and unloading rocks, strengthening the bucket arm plate, supporting plate bucket, and equipped with high wear-resistant sub-blade plate, high wear-resistant precision cast bucket teeth, so as to improve the service life of the whole bucket.
  • 7. Increase bucket: On the basis of the standard configuration, the bucket capacity is increased to improve the working efficiency to meet the shoveling of materials with lighter specific gravity, such as coal.

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